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3 Prime Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Boiler

3 prime things to keep in mind when buying a boiler

With the winters here, the demand for boiler systems are also on the rise, and there are so many new and modern boiler systems in the market, it could be quite a puzzling task for a common man to decide the best boilers that fit their needs well. Since purchasing boiler systems are more like an investment, it is essential that you gather all the information about the best boilers available in the market. You will have to start by considering all your requirements like your household heating needs, the amount of heating capacity you will need, etc., and zero down on the suitable boiler system options. You can consult professionals in the field to make better choices in picking the right boiler system for you. Here are 3 pointers that you should consider & decide before you purchase a boiler system.

1. Which Boiler Is Right For You? - Most of the modern boiler systems are designed keeping in mind the needs of a nuclear family home, and so, they can be mounted into the walls. However, there are other larger floor standing boilers that are designed to meet bigger electric power requirements, and so, they come with high volume & pressure tanks. A wall-mounted boiler is typically used for domestic purposes, whereas a floor-mounted boiler is designed to meet capacity requirements that are above 100 liters & electric power requirements of more than 30 kW, and so their weight & size does not permit them to be mounted on a wall. So, based on your requirements, you will have to decide the most suitable boiler system for you.

2. Conventional Boilers Or Condensing Boilers – Conventional boilers work by burning fuel, and unfortunately, these boilers do not exploit the energy capacity of fuels like oil, gas, etc., to its full potential. In these conventional gas boilers or oil boilers, a lot of latent heat is wasted along with other combustion products. On the other hand, the condensing boilers work by implementing the process of condensation that will help produce more heating capacity. In other words, a condensing boiler is almost 10-11% more efficient than the condensing boilers. Also, these condensing boilers utilize relatively lesser fuel than the conventional boiler systems, and so the overall expenditure with a condensing boiler will be considerably cheaper. So, you can consider these factors and decide the most suitable boiler system.

3. Manual Or Automatic Control – Most of the modern new boilers come with automated control systems, unlike the older conventional boilers which needed human involvement. However, nowadays, both the conventional and condensing boilers can be controlled automatically, without needing any human operations.

Experts suggest that you have to get a proper boiler service and subject it to a thorough verification process before the winter season starts. It is ideal that you let the boiler system work for a while so that you can check for any issues, and have them resolved before it’s too late. If you are looking to have more autonomy & flexibility, you can have a programmed thermostat connected to serve the purpose.

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