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5 Signs You Need To Ditch Your Old Boiler System

5signs you need to ditch your old boiler system

With the winters coming soon, the boiler is probably the equipment that is going to work really hard all the time. The boilers & heating systems have become a common commodity in almost all households in the UK. If maintained well & serviced regularly, the boilers can work efficiently for almost 10 -15 years. There is always a possibility where your boiler might look like it is working well, however, when the real time comes to put it to use, it might have issues. So, it is better to hire a reputable company that offers boiler installation & services of maintenance to check beforehand for all the technical issues & other related concerns.

It is important to maintain the pumps, burner, radiators, and the overall boiler system well, which will be reflected in the better performance and ROI. However, regular maintenance may also not guarantee the efficiency of the system. It is not easy to find any issues within an hour of running it or within a day or 2. So, without waiting till the last minute, start using your boiler system a couple of weeks ahead of winters so that you can have an idea if there is anything wrong with it & ask for the concerned boiler installation & services before it is too late. In this blog, we give a few clues that might indicate that your boiler may not work efficiently and, know if it is time to bring in a new boiler system.

1. It Is An Old Boiler - Most of the boiler systems come with an average lifespan of 10 -15 years. Once your boiler crosses that limit, it is very much possible that it might wear off soon or might not work as it should be. As the boiler gets older, the costs of repair, service, & maintenance will keep soaring, will also be very frequent, and still, it might not be as efficient as expected in the long run. So, if your boiler has worked for a longer time, then it is better to replace it with the newer models which offer better features like better heating controls, electronic interfaces, etc. If your boiler has aged gracefully, then it is time to let it go well before damaging it completely. If you plan to get a new boiler installed, you could apply on BoilerSpot and request for the boiler installation & services, and you will have the top-class products at your home soon.

2. It Makes Strange Sounds - There is noise everywhere, and your home may probably make all kinds of strange sounds like that of a creaky door, the odd sounds of the appliances, the feeble noises from your floorboards, and what not. All these sounds may not pose many worries, but, if your boiler is making strange noises, then it is time to get serious. When you start running your boiler system for a couple of hours continuously, it may start making odd noises. The sounds could be due to the inefficiency of the pumps, the wearing down of the fan, etc. Whatever, the reason is it is going to be reflected in its working efficiency and, if the issue is serious, the safety may be compromised. So, if you find your boiler making some strange noises, it is time to call the appropriate boiler services to get it checked well.

3. Inefficient Heating - Not heating or warming your home well is probably one of the most obvious signs that call to ditch the existing boiler and get a new one. When you run it for a couple of days, you may notice that it may take longer times for your radiators to get turned on and work well. And, on some days, they don’t seem to get hot at all. Compared to the older boiler models, the new & modern ones are more efficient, and they do not seem to lose their heating power easily. So, if you find any such heating issues, you could consider calling the concerned boiler services to get it fixed.

4. Your Bill Amounts Are Rising – The inefficiency of the boiler system will be reflected in the struggle taken by the boiler to heat up. Taking a longer time to heat up will be reflected in the higher electricity bills. So, if you feel that your fuel bills are increasing rapidly than the normal rate, it could be because your boiler is not working as efficiently as it should be. Continued usage of such inefficient boilers may lead to much serious damage, apart from increasing your utility bills. So, you should call for an expert to get it checked, and if needed, replace the entire boiler system with a new one.

5. Other Issues – There could be quite a few other issues, which could indicate that your boiler is not going to last for long. The older boiler models used burners and flames to heat up the water. So, if the flame is turning yellow, it could be a sign that your boiler is aging, and it could be producing the toxic, colorless, & odorless carbon monoxide gas. The formation of soot, salt deposits, rust formation, etc., could all be signs that may indicate that the life of the boiler is coming close to its end.

With so many new boiler systems coming up in the market, you could choose the one that is suitable to your requirements & preferences. Make sure that you get a new boiler with A-rating efficiency so that it will work well for a long time. Once you have made your decision of buying a new boiler, you should explore well and choose a reputable dealer. At BoilerSpot, you can apply online for a suitable boiler product or any boiler installment & services, and we will send you 3 free quotes for you to choose from. So, make sure your boiler is working well this winter and stay warm.