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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Regular Service For Your Boiler

top 5 reasons why you need to get regular service for your boiler

If you thought that your job is done after bringing home a boiler and that you don’t have to worry until the next 10 years or so about your heating devices, then you are absolutely wrong. If investing and buying boiler systems or central heating boilers is a huge decision, maintaining it well is just another task in itself. Don’t get it serviced regularly or if you do not pay attention towards its maintenance, all your investment is just going into the trash.

Regular and long-term usage of the boilers or the central heating systems will eventually lead to the deposition of salt and rust formation in the in the boiler systems. This will lead to many other efficiency and performance issues of the equipment, and it may not bring in the expected ROI. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to get an ideal boiler service for your boilers & central heating systems regularly to avoid any future equipment issues.

1. Catch Issues Before It Is Too Late – When you keep getting your boilers or central heating systems serviced regularly, the engineers can catch any possible working issues or equipment issues earlier before it is too late and it causes much damage to the system. If you don’t attend to the smaller problems on time, it will only grow into much bigger issues. You might not be using the boiler systems & central heating boilers during the summers and, there are high chances that they will be left out on their own, and when the winter comes, you don’t want to run behind the service providers to get your boiler services.

2. Economical Than Buying A New Boiler – Most of the times, getting your boiler system serviced will cost you less than buying a new boiler system. When you keep checking your boiler and maintain it well with regular services, it is going well in the long-run. These costs will be much lesser than the amount you might need to shell in to replace the entire boiler system. If you keep getting your boiler services regularly and fix any minor issues on time, there are high chances that your boiler will work more efficiently, fewer chances of breaking down, will last longer, and save you the money needed to buy a new boiler system.

3. Save Your Finances – Apart from saving the money, you might need to invest in buying a new boiler, getting regular boiler services will improve the life and efficiency of the system. When the system is running efficiently, it is going to save on your power consumption, thereby reducing your utility bill amounts. If you do not maintain or get your boiler serviced regularly, the salt and rust formation may lead reduced efficiency of the boiler and, it may take longer times to heat up, in turn, consuming a lot of electricity units increasing the energy bill amounts.

4. Safer Boiler System – A faulty boiler is awfully dangerous. When you get your regular boiler services, you can ensure the efficiency and also the safety of the boiler service. Faulty boilers are known to release carbon monoxide (CO) which can be poisonous. According to reports, almost 4000 people go into accident & emergency (A & E) in the UK due to the leaky boiler poisoning. So, it is better to get an ideal boiler service from reputed service providers and have a thorough checkup and to stay safe.

5. To Stay Under Warranty & For The Law If your boiler is still in the warranty period, it is mandatory to get your boiler serviced. There have been cases where the warranty has gone void when the boiler systems have not been serviced for more than 12 months. So, if you do not get a regular service from your side and if the boiler breaks down, you will not be allowed to claim the repair charges. Also, if you are the landlord, it is essential that you get annual safety checks for your boiler systems and central heating boilers, as the safety of your property and your tenants are your responsibility.

Most people are under the idea that getting boiler services is a waste of money. But, in reality, it is the opposite. Spending a little today to get your boiler service well will save you a lot of money in the future and will also ensure safety. So, irrespective of the laws or warranties, it is essential that you get your boiler serviced from time to time. At BoilerSpot, you just need to request a boiler services quote and, you can get up to 3 free quotes. Choose the most suitable one and, our engineers will come over and give you the best possible solutions.