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Why Should You Replace Your Conventional Boiler With A Modern Combi Boiler System?

why should you replace your conventional boiler with a modern combi boiler system

If your boiler has been working for you for more than 10 years, or if you feel that its efficiency has gone down, or if you have moved to a new place, or if you have any other better reason to ditch you boiler, you should probably just let it go and consider bringing a better replacement. Of all the different boiler systems in the market, most people prefer the combi boilers as they seem to serve the same purpose of heating by offering much better features. Here are a few reasons why you should make the shift from your existing conventional boiler system to the more modern electric combi boiler system.

Existing Conventional Boilers

Your current boiler system arrangement plays a major role in deciding which new boiler system will be appropriate for your home. Most conventional boiler systems are just heating systems that have 2 tanks - one for cold water & one for hot water. These tanks store water and, are placed either in the loft or in the airing place, which eats up your home space. Although this could be helpful when you don’t have continuous water supply throughout the day, it has other not very impressive features too.

Why Choose A Combi Boiler?

An electric combi boiler is more like an instant boiler system which does not need any water tank for storage. When the hot water taps are opened, the boiler will start working instantaneously and, the hot water will run out to the taps through the pipes. This reason that it does not need any external storage unit to store water is one of the primary reasons why people really prefer a combi boiler, as it saves a lot of space & it is much easier to maintain. Since the water gets heated instantaneously, there is no need for a hot water storage tank either, and so these combi boilers are considered to be more efficient than the conventional boiler systems.

Apart from saving the storage tank space, these combi boilers are more compact than the conventional boiler systems, and so they will need much lesser space. Since the combi boilers heat the water on demand i.e., only when you need the hot water, it decreases the energy savings substantially. Also with a conventional water system, if the stored hot water is all used up, you will have to wait until the boiler heats up more water. On the other hand, a combi boiler is a continuous circuit which produces hot water limitlessly, till the main water output pressure supports it.

Installing completely new boilers system could be a tedious job as it will need changing all the underlying pipeline systems, adding new radiators, and running many other calculations. However, these are smaller and one-time issues when compared to the long-term benefits that can be achieved by bringing home the combi boilers. By keeping in mind all these features & aspects of the combi boilers, it is apparent that the combi boilers are more preferred & efficient than the older conventional boilers. The space which was lost to the water storage containers of the conventional boilers will now be saved and, the additional space can be used for better purposes. And more importantly, the modern new boilers are more efficient than the conventional boilers, and so you are bound to have much bigger energy savings along with saving your money.